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Figure Skating is an Olympic sport that can be fast paced, energetic, requires focus and is physically challenging for many or it can be a sedate relaxing activity to keep you fit and healthy. There are many different disciplines from individual to team based.

The lessons run on a regular basis, either over a six-week period during term time or over three or five days during the school holidays. The 6-week skating lessons includes 30-min group tuition, skate hire, training aids (bootcovers and gloves), certificate and coach support. Click here to book now

All our coaches are qualified, experienced and will help you enjoy your time on the ice.


Patch ice is practice and private lesson ice time specifically for skaters that have passed a minimum of Learn to Skate level 6 and are wanting to progress through the national level test system. Patch ice must be booked online in advance. 

Please read and agree to the patch ice etiquette rules here.

When skating on patch there are some general rules that skaters and coaches are expected to follow.

  • Skaters must have passed Learn to Skate Level 6 to skate on patch
  • Socialising should be carried out off the ice not during patch
  • Skaters that fall should get up as soon as they can and not lay on the ice
  • Coaches and skaters are to be courteous to each other
  • All coaches are responsible for the safety of their pupils in a lesson
  • Skaters using patch are responsible for themselves
  • Skaters in a lesson on the music have right of way provided it is safe to do so
  • Coaches and skaters are not to stand in the middle of the ice
  • Please do not stop and restart music as there are others waiting to use the music
  • Coaches take priority on the music
  • For safety please practice spins responsibly and not in the flow of traffic
  • Coaches should locate themselves around the perimeter of the ice unless carrying out specific coaching tasks such as choreography or demonstrating
  • There will be NO poor behaviour for example kicking the ice or foul language
  • Skaters in a lesson on the music with right of way are allowed to call out in a polite manner (NO SHOUTING) if their path is blocked
  • Coaches are not permitted to shout except for extenuating circumstances
  • Group lessons are only to be run with a maximum of 2 skaters per coach no larger groups in conjunction with multiple coaches are permitted on patch
  • Please wear suitable attire when skating i.e. sportswear. Denim is not permitted and hair must be tied back
  • Mobile phones should only be used on the ice as a training aid or in case of an emergency
  • If any skater or coach does not adhere to these rules they will be asked to leave the ice by the Head of Skating
  • The Head of Skating will have the final decision on any matter relating to patch.

I agree to the Ozone Patch Ice Etiquette rules

1-2-1 Private Lessons

Private lessons are booked direct with our Ozone coaches of your choice dependent on their availability. These can be for any standard, from first time beginner to elite. Private lessons are tailored to the individual. For more information contact info@ozonerink.co.uk

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