Ages 5 & Up

The learn to skate courses take you on a journey from your very first steps onto the ice through to being competent and confident on the ice.

The courses run from Beginner through to Gold standard. Skaters will learn at their own pace and are continually assessed throughout.  Each course includes a 30-minute group lesson once a week with our qualified and experienced coaches.

For bronze, silver and gold standard you will need to purchase your registration booklet from British Ice Skating’s website, and they can be found in the merchandise section.

Pre-book your space

Monday – Friday (Term time Only)

Saturday & Sunday (Term time Only)

Beginner – Level 3 | Skate hire included
Level 4 onwards | Skate hire to be paid at the Rink



Skating Lessons

  • Sit & stand up
  • Heel taps
  • Toe taps
  • Sliding feet & turn
  • Toes out toes in (moving)
  • March forwards with a regular rhythm (30 seconds)
  • Forward dip (5 metres)
  • Forward two foot glide (5 metres)
  • Continuous Forward swizzles (finish with two foot glide)
  • Stationary snowplough
  • Backward Marching (not a tested element)
  • Two foot pumps on a circle (L&R)
  • Two foot pumps in a straight line (L&R)
  • Rocking Horse on the spot (one swizzle forwards one swizzle backwards)
  • Continuous backward swizzles (finishing with two foot glide)
  • Moving snowplough stop
  • Beginner Slalom (not a tested element)
  • Forward stroking using correct part of the blade (no toes)
  • Backward two foot pumps on a circle (L&R)
  • Backward two foot pumps in a straight line (L&R)
  • Forward one foot glides in a straight line
  • Introduction to backward stroking
  • Backward snowplough stop (not a tested element)
  • Consecutive forward inside edges (3seconds)
  • Swizzle crosses
  • Beginner two foot spin both directions (min 1 rev)
  • Forward slalom (correct knee action)
  • Alternating Tap toes
  • Hockey stop (not a tested element)
  • Forward crossovers both directions
  • Forward outside edges from moving (3seconds L&R)
  • Introduction to backward inside edges using short axis
  • Backward slalom
  • Two foot change of edge (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Bunny hop (not a tested element)
  • Introduction to backward outside edges from moving
  • Backward crosscuts (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Forward outside three turns (L&R)
  • Forward Chasses (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Backward stroking with flow
  • Backward chasses (not a tested element)
  • Forward inside three turns (L&R)
  • Consecutive forward outside edges
  • Consecutive forward inside edges
  • Forward crossrolls
  • Half back swizzle, jump feet together
  • Forward drag (not a tested element)
  • Backward crossrolls
  • Backward landing position both directions
  • Introduction to three jump both directions from stand still
  • Forward Inside open mohawks (L&R)
  • Forward outside three turn, back outside edge ( x3 both directions)
  • Forward inside & backward inside pivot (not a tested element)
  • Beginner forward spiral on a curve (inside or outside edge)
  • One foot spin ( min 2 revs)
  • Forward one foot slalom (L&R)
  • Backward outside three turn (L&R)
  • Forward outside three turn backward cross exercise
  • Inside spread (not a tested element)
  • Forward outside closed mohawk (L&R)
  • Backward one foot slalom (L&R)
  • Forward inside double three turns (L&R)
  • Forward inside three turn forward crossover exercise
  • Step sequence
  • Beginner backward spiral (not a tested element)


Bunny Hop • Left outside three turn • Feet together • Left inside open mohawk cross • Right inside open mohawk cross • Step forward onto the left foot • Right inside three turn • Tap toe • Drag


  • Forwards and backwards crossovers in a figure of 8
  • Forward outside spiral on a curve (left and right)
  • Spin on one foot (min 4 revs) optional entry and exit
  • Waltz Jump from 4-5 back crossovers (held landing for a count of 3)
  • Bunny hop into drag


  • Single Salchow
  • Spin on one foot (min 4 revs) entry from backwards crossovers, stepping into a forward outside edge, with a landing position exit
  • Backward spiral on a curve (left and right)
  • Backwards crossovers around a circle into an extended landing position for the count of 3 (left and right)
  • Teapot on either foot (forwards or backwards)


  • Backwards outside one foot spin (min 1 rev)
  • Single toe loop (with correct take off – not a toe three jump)
  • Spiral sequence: Forward outside spiral, forward outside three turn, two backwards crossovers, back inside spiral (spirals held for 3 seconds) clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • A simple step sequence: Must have three turns, Mohawks, Chassés, Crossrolls, Toe Steps; these can be done on any edge, forwards or backwards
  • Combination of skating movements: To include turns, jumps and spins in a short routine; with or without music (max 1 minute and 30 seconds)


  • Forward open Chassés/crossed (closed) Chassés continuously on a circle (min 3) left and right
  • Left Forward Outside Mohawk, cross in front onto Left Back Inside and Step forwards to Right Forward Inside (3 times) left and right
  • Forward progressive runs
  • Two consecutive Left
  • Forward Outside three turns followed by a sustained outside edge with the free leg extended for a count of 3 (left and right)
    Forward spiral inside and outside edges (either foot)


  • Forward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • Backward open Chassés (3 on each foot) in a Serpentine sequence
  • Backward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • A 7-step dance sequence as follows: Right Forward Inside open Mohawk, Right Back Outside run, Right Back Outside cross in front Left Back Inside, Step forwards to Right forward Inside edge and repeat twice
  • Forward inside single twizzles, left and right (min 4 in a row)


  • Forward fun, forward slip Chassés (3 times) in a figure of 8
  • Basic backwards crossrolls
  • Solo novice Foxtrot with music
  • Forward inside double twizzles (left and right)
  • A 9-step dance sequence as follows; Left Forward Outside progressive run, Left Forward outside closed Chassés, Left Forward Outside progressive run, Left Forward Outside open Mohawk, Step behind to a Left Back Inside edge and repeat twice.


Please note, families with multiple skaters will need a separate account for each individual family member.

It is possible to have different accounts assigned to one email address with different passwords.

Please email info@ozonerink.co.uk for more information.