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Patch Ice

Figure Skating

Figure Skating is an Olympic sport that can be fast paced, energetic, requires focus and is physically challenging for many or it can be a sedate relaxing activity to keep you fit and healthy.


There are many different disciplines from individual to team based.


  • Figure Skating
  • Ice Dance
    • Solo Dance
    • Couples
  • Pairs Skating
  • Synchro Skating
    • Additional Practice for:
      • Pole Harness Training
      • Ice Harness Training (Coming Soon)
      • Components
      • Skating Skills
      • Power-Skating
      • Choreography
      • Edgework

All our coaches are BIS licensed with vast experience. They can help you learn and practice new skills on the ice.


Hockey Skills

Hockey Skills

Power, Edgework, Turns, Stops, Drills, Technique, Focus, Balance, Posture, Agility, Flexibility and more… are what make a hockey skater and ‘great’ hockey skater.


Use patch and practice ice sessions to hone your skills. (No pucks). Just skating skills!

Patch Protocal

To attend Patch Ice, All Skaters should be at least Skate UK Level 4 standard (and have their own skates).


Patch sessions must be booked x12 hours in advance before arriving at the ice rink.

All morning patch skaters are required to complete the patch sign-in sheet in clear bold writing, before stepping on the ice.

(This will be placed at the entrance gate to the ice next to the changing rooms).


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mobile phones / tablets and recording devices are NOT permitted at rinkside. Also  any filming must only be conducted by coaches (after all attendees have agreed and signed the Photography / Filming release form.


Skaters who attend without making a booking will be charged £14.00 after a booking has been created at reception and the customer has been emailed.

Failing to make the payment within 24 hours, will result in a £50 administrative charge.

Continued use of the ice without making payment the skater will be banned from using the facility.



1-2-1 & Small Group Lessons

Patch ice is time specifically for skaters that have passed a minimum of Learn to Skate Level 4 and are wanting to practice their skills to progress further.


Patch ice must be booked online in advance.


Private lessons are also available, and are booked directly through our OZONE coaches dependent on their availability. 


These can be for any standard, from first time beginner (lessons on public sessions) to elite.


Private lessons are tailored to the individual. 

For more information contact: