OZONE Ice Rink

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OZONE Ice Rink

Synchro Skating

A fun and friendly group environment to progress your skating.
TERM 3 starts: Thursday, 18th April.

Skate Star Synchro Pathways & Teams

Skate Star Synchro = x6 weeks term

**OPEN to Skaters Skate UK Level 6 and Above!**



Full Term Fee: £99.00


PAYGO: £19.00 per. session 

(pre-bookable up to 24 hours in advance to each session – spaces permitting)


This is a x6 week term – with sessions on:

Thursday, 18th April

Thursday, 25th April

Thursday, 2nd May

Thursday, 9th May

Thursday, 16th May

Thursday, 23rd May

Synchro Skating Academy - Backbone Requirements

Skate Star Synchro Skating

Synchro Skating Pathway

Skate Star Synchro Bronze - Elements Playlist

Skate Star Synchro Silver - Elements Playlist

Skate Star Synchro Gold - Elements Playlist

Skate Star Synchro Platinum - Elements Playlist