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The Ozone membership is available to purchase as a 6 month or 12 month package.

Both packages come with 10% discount on the following sessions:

Public skate single session 

normal price: £14.00 membership price: £12.60

Back to school public skate

normal price: £10 membership price £9

Skate hire

normal price: £2.50 membership price: £2.25

Practice ice 60 & 90 minutes

normal price 60 minutes: £10.00 membership price £9.00

normal price 90 minutes: £13.00 membership price: £11.70

Patch ice

normal price: £9.00 membership price: £8.10

SEN session

normal price: £8.00 membership price: £7.20

Skate & coffee morning

normal price £13.00 membership price: £11.70

6 month membership £50.00

12 month membership £75.00

A unique code  will be emailed directly to you after a purchase is made. Enter the code at checkout and your discount will be applied.

terms and conditions


1.1 Fees Payable

Membership fees are payable either in full for the Annual (12 month) commitment period, and then annually thereafter, or  by selecting the 6 month option when registering. Membership will expire at the end of each registration period. On the renewal of a membership, members will be issued with a new code to access discounts and members offers.

1.2 Review of Charges

Membership charges are subject to annual review. The date on which the variation in charges takes place is known as the rate review date which is generally 12 months from the original start date, unless otherwise notified.

1.3 Amendment of Charges

Members are notified in writing of any changes in their membership with a minimum of 1 month notice.  

1.4 VAT Charges

Where memberships include VAT, changes in the applicable rate may be made by the regulatory authority from time to time. The company reserves the right to pass on such changes at its discretion.


2.1 Registration

Members must complete the full registration process on the Ozone Ice Rink website and booking system. Members will receive an email acknowledgement confirming their registration has been successful. New members can start to book sessions at Ozone Ice Rink, as soon as they have received confirmation of registration.

2.2 Memberships must be registered in the name of the skater. Discounts and offers will only be available to the registered name on the membership.  

2.3 Members Discounts and Offers

Members must apply their unique code to each applicable session in order to benefit from the discounts and members only offers.

2.4 Members discounts of 10% only apply on the following single sessions:

Public Skates


Weekday Practice 60 mins

Weekday Practice 90 mins

Coffee Morning


Skate Hire (only when booked online)

Note: Skate Aids are free of charge

2.5 Excluded from Members Discount:

Skating Academy

Ozone Club

Ice Hockey related sessions

2.6 Discretion to admit

Ozone Ice Rink reserves the right to reject an application for membership, or refuse admission, without ascribing any reason for doing so.

2.7 Basis of Contract

Ozone Ice Rink commits to allow currently registered members of the membership programme, access to all members discounted single sessions, and advertised members only offers.


By ticking the online T’s and C’s  box, members agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Ozone Ice Rink reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Notice of any change or update in rules will be published on the Ozone Rink website.


Membership of the Ozone Membership programme involves an ongoing commitment.

3.1.1 Members are required to join for a minimum period of six or twelve months, according to their registration preference.

3.1.2 Unless written notice is received, membership will continue beyond the initial minimum commitment period.


Criteria and ongoing implications for membership suspension.

4.1 Membership suspension only applies to Annual (12 Month) membership types and will only be granted in the following circumstances on production of the specified third party evidence:

Pregnancy – Medical confirmation

Ill health or injury – Doctor’s letter

4.2 Suspensions must be requested in writing no less than 30 days before implementation and will not be granted retrospectively.

4.3 Suspension of membership will not be permitted until the first full month of membership has been completed and will be for a minimum of one month and a maximum of nine months.

   4.4 Members suspending within commitment will have their commitment period extended for an equal period of time.  In other words, the length of any suspension will be added to the end of the commitment period.

4.5 No refunds will be given in place of suspended memberships.


Conditions for when and how to terminate membership.

5.1  6 Month or Annual (12 month) memberships may be terminated at any time after the first full period of membership unless a suspension has taken place within that time.  In which case termination cannot be activated until full commitment (including extended period) in the chosen category of membership has been served.

  5.2 No refunds will be given for terminated memberships.

5.3 Ozone Ice Rink reserves the right to refuse admission and/or expel any member if, in its opinion, that person has caused nuisance, annoyance, offence or a breach of rules, including allowing a non member to use their membership to gain discounts or offers.


6.1 Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the service and the products you have requested from us. However, from time to time we would like to contact you with details of other offers and services we provide.  You will be asked to give your consent to receiving such communication and will have the option to opt out at any time.

6.2 Liability

Loss and personal injury clauses.

6.3 All members, and their guests, use facilities at their own risk and Ozone Ice Rink will accept no responsibility for any accident, illness or injury, whilst on its premises, howsoever caused, other than liability arising from negligence of Ozone Ice Rink or its staff.

6.4 Liability for loss or damage to property of members and their guests, including vehicles and their contents, motorcycles and bicycles, parked or left on Ozone Ice Rink  premises, is strictly limited to any loss suffered as a result of negligence of Ozone Ice Rink or its staff.


Other general conditions.

7.1 No alcohol may be brought into and consumed on the premises.

7.2 Members must advise Ozone Ice Rink immediately of any change to their personal details, including change of name, home address, e-mail address and contact telephone numbers.

7.3 Shut-down dates will be communicated with members no less than two weeks in advance of the closure.


NB: By purchasing the Ozone membership you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out above.