For complete Beginners to Level 10 skaters.

Our adult courses run term time only. Skaters progress through the levels at their own pace. Each session includes a 30-minute group lesson and is a unique cost effective way to improve your fitness and increase your exercise.

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Monday 5.45pm – 6.15pm (Beginner – Level 10)
Monday 6.15pm – 6.45pm (Beginner – Level 10)

Tuesday 5.45pm – 6.15pm (Beginner – Level 10)
Tuesday 6.15pm – 6.45pm (Beginner – Level 10)

Friday 10.30am – 11am (Beginner – Level 4)
Friday 11.00am – 11.30am (Level 5 – 10)




Skating Lessons

  • Sit & stand up
  • Heel taps
  • Toe taps
  • Sliding feet & turn
  • Toes out toes in (moving)
  • March forwards with a regular rhythm (30 seconds)
  • Forward dip (5 metres)
  • Forward two foot glide (5 metres)
  • Continuous Forward swizzles (finish with two foot glide)
  • Stationary snowplough
  • Backward Marching (not a tested element)
  • Two foot pumps on a circle (L&R)
  • Two foot pumps in a straight line (L&R)
  • Rocking Horse on the spot (one swizzle forwards one swizzle backwards)
  • Continuous backward swizzles (finishing with two foot glide)
  • Moving snowplough stop
  • Beginner Slalom (not a tested element)
  • Forward stroking using correct part of the blade (no toes)
  • Backward two foot pumps on a circle (L&R)
  • Backward two foot pumps in a straight line (L&R)
  • Forward one foot glides in a straight line
  • Introduction to backward stroking
  • Backward snowplough stop (not a tested element)
  • Consecutive forward inside edges (3seconds)
  • Swizzle crosses
  • Beginner two foot spin both directions (min 1 rev)
  • Forward slalom (correct knee action)
  • Alternating Tap toes
  • Hockey stop (not a tested element)
  • Forward crossovers both directions
  • Forward outside edges from moving (3seconds L&R)
  • Introduction to backward inside edges using short axis
  • Backward slalom
  • Two foot change of edge (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Bunny hop (not a tested element)
  • Introduction to backward outside edges from moving
  • Backward crosscuts (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Forward outside three turns (L&R)
  • Forward Chasses (clockwise & anticlockwise)
  • Backward stroking with flow
  • Backward chasses (not a tested element)
  • Forward inside three turns (L&R)
  • Consecutive forward outside edges
  • Consecutive forward inside edges
  • Forward crossrolls
  • Half back swizzle, jump feet together
  • Forward drag (not a tested element)
  • Backward crossrolls
  • Backward landing position both directions
  • Introduction to three jump both directions from stand still
  • Forward Inside open mohawks (L&R)
  • Forward outside three turn, back outside edge ( x3 both directions)
  • Forward inside & backward inside pivot (not a tested element)
  • Beginner forward spiral on a curve (inside or outside edge)
  • One foot spin ( min 2 revs)
  • Forward one foot slalom (L&R)
  • Backward outside three turn (L&R)
  • Forward outside three turn backward cross exercise
  • Inside spread (not a tested element)
  • Forward outside closed mohawk (L&R)
  • Backward one foot slalom (L&R)
  • Forward inside double three turns (L&R)
  • Forward inside three turn forward crossover exercise
  • Step sequence
  • Beginner backward spiral (not a tested element


Please note, families with multiple skaters will need a separate account for each individual family member.

It is possible to have different accounts assigned to one email address with different passwords.

Please email for more information.